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Dongguan Qidu Apparel Co,Ltd  is a professional manufacturer of clothes ,which locates in Fashion Capital –Humen Town ,China , it is a leading private enterprise engaged in the developing designs ,production and sales for Apparels .

We are specialized in manufacturing women's clothes ,including dress ,top ,blouse ,T-shirt ,skirt ,pant ,jacket ,coat ,denim and knitwears ,ect ,In main fabric of cotton,viscose ,polyester ,rayon ,modal ,silk , linen ,wool ,satin,chiffon and so on .

 小图标00.jpg Our Production Capacity  

       We have a strong production capacity 

        with more than 15 years experience 

        on apparels 


         5,000 square meters of workshop 

        20 production lines 

        500 sewing workers 

       100 senior technicians 

        20 QC for bulk quality checking 

       3-7 days for fast developing sample 

      Monthly output of 50,000-100,000 pcs 


      小图标00.jpg Our Service  

              OEM and ODM are our best services ,

              we can provide one-stop customized 

             services,including :pattern ,design ,

             sample-making .logos ,labels and 

              packing customization .

    小图标00.jpg  Due to the excellent management group 

                Professional design team ,strict QC system 

                 And efficient after -sales services

        小图标00.jpg  More and more clients join us 

                  And recommend clients to us

         小图标00.jpg  We are looking forward to your joining .

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  • The world economy in 2022

    At present, the global situation is complex and grim against the backdrop of century-old changes and epidemics. Looking ahead to 2022, we should pay close attention to the evolution of the world landscape, the game of major powers, the global economy, traditional security, political trends, technological progress, demographics, key primary products, the international monetary system and global governance.1. The world is still in a "rising east and falling West" and "strong west and weak east"The most critical variable in a century of change is the power balance between major countries, with economic strength being the most commonly used indicator of national power. At present, the process of emerging market economies and developing countries catching up with developed economies is continuing. The "two-speed growth" of emerging markets and developing countries and developed economies remains the same. In October 2021, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimated that in 2021, the growth rate of emerging markets and developing countries was 6.4% and that of developed economies was 5.2%, 1.2 percentage points higher than that of the latter. In 2022, the two-speed growth pattern formed since 2000 will continue. This means that the status of emerging markets and developing countries in the global economy will be further enhanced, so the world pattern will remain in a period of profound adjustment. However, it should be noted that in the short term, emerging economies and developing countries still face many difficulties and challenges to catch up. Developed economies still play an important role in the global economy and enjoy comparative advantages in military, scientific and technological, monetary and financial fields.2. The game of major powers has evolved into a "parallel system" with limited exchangesUnder the joint action of the "objective" and "subjective" fracture of the global industrial chain, the global economy may gradually form two systems in the field of industrial chain. On this basis, a differentiated mix of great powers will move the world towards a parallel system that covers a wider range of areas. After Trump took office, the "politics of interests" characteristic of American foreign policy began to give consideration to "politics of interests" and "politics of principles". In particular, after Biden took office, the US has paid more attention to the formulation and application of rules, and "regulation lock" has gradually become the strategic axis of the US government to lock in China's development. At present, the GAME of the United States against China has shifted from "same rules" to "different rules", and it is competing under different rules in ideology, economic and trade investment, scientific and technological research and development, military security and other fields, thus promoting the construction of a parallel system in which China and the United States are on the same side, relatively independent and limited in their exchanges.3. The global economy is returning to a medium-low speed of growthIn 2022, the trend of COVID-19 will continue to have a direct impact on the future performance of the global economy. In particular, frequent mutations of the virus have increased uncertainties in epidemic prevention and control and global economic recovery. The global recovery will face further headwinds and could cost the world economy a cumulative $5.3tn over the next five years if there continues to be a huge imbalance in vaccination between developed and poor countries. In the short term, policy changes in major advanced economies will be one of the most important variables affecting the global economy. If monetary and fiscal policies in major advanced economies are not appropriate to fight inflation and sustain recovery, it will trigger asset price volatility or even collapse in peripheral countries, further undermining economic recovery and hurting global growth. All in all, global economic growth is expected to slow down to around 4.5% in 2022, and gradually return to a medium-low growth track of 3% to 3.5% in the next three to five years.4. The traditional security situation in the Indo-Pacific region is becoming increasingly seriousFrom the perspective of geopolitical evolution, the global traditional security threats are on the rise, and the forms of war will also undergo significant changes due to the application of uav and other new technologies. At present, the most influential security hotspot issues include the South China Sea issue, the Taiwan issue, the China-India boundary issue, the India-Pakistan conflict, the Korean Nuclear issue, the Iranian nuclear issue and the Ukraine issue. These problems will persist and even escalate for a long time to come. From the perspective of spatial distribution, regional hotspot issues will gradually focus on the Indo-Pacific region in the future. Accordingly, security conflicts in other parts of the world will find it increasingly difficult to attract sufficient attention from the great powers. In the medium term, the US trend of concentrating strategic resources in the Indo-Pacific will not change. The probability, frequency and intensity of security conflicts in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as the spillover effects and international attention of security conflicts, are likely to be significantly higher than those in other regions. The security situation around China is likely to become more complex and unstable.5.State interventionism has been strengthenedJudging from the evolution of political and social trends, internal governance problems have increased in some countries, and political polarization has become more prominent in developed countries, which may lead to large-scale political and social unrest. What is more noteworthy is the return of state interventionism in more and more western developed economies that follow the free market economic model, which is mainly manifested in three aspects: the prevalence of industrial policy, the abuse of national security review, and the politicization of international economic cooperation and policy coordination. As downward economic pressure increases, state interventionism in developed countries will further escalate, and global protectionism will become an important constraint for international economic policy coordination and world economic recovery. At the same time, the prevalence and spread of state interventionism will intensify industrial contradictions and conflicts between countries and bring greater uncertainty and instability to the international environment.6. The two-way effect of technological progress continues to amplifyThe positive effects of technological progress include promoting economic growth, promoting industrial innovation, expanding enterprise boundaries and improving social welfare. The large-scale commercialization and industrialization of a new round of technological innovation, especially the new round of information technology revolution with "intelligent manufacturing" as the core, is expected to drive the production efficiency of manufacturing and service industries to improve significantly in the coming years. At the same time, technological progress may also have negative spillover effects on economic and social development and even international relations. First of all, the technological field has become an important strategic position for competition among major powers. The competition between major powers to seize the commanding heights of science and technology is becoming increasingly fierce, which may lead to confrontation between countries. Secondly, the digital space has become a meeting point of national interests and a new source of national conflicts, and the game around information and network security is heating up rapidly. Finally, energy technology innovation may lead to the profound adjustment of the world energy pattern. In the new energy era, geopolitical focus will shift from the Middle East to a few countries in Africa and Latin America, and the fragile balance of geopolitics will face more challenges.7. The cumulative impact of demographic change is becoming increasingly prominentGenerally speaking, population is a long-term variable, but when population structure evolves to a certain extent, it will have a significant impact in the short and medium term. At present, the developed economy generally enters the aging society. In 2020, 28 percent of the population aged 65 or older will be in Japan, 20 percent in the 27-member European Union and 16 percent in the United States. Ageing populations in advanced economies have had a number of negative effects: reduced Labour supply, reduced innovation capacity, increased fiscal spending on social security and health care, and reduced consumer demand. The global population will continue to grow in the coming decades, but low fertility rates and rising life expectancy will push the world further towards ageing. In 2018, for the first time in the world, there were more people aged over 65 than children under five;By 2050, there are expected to be twice as many people over 65 as there are children under five, and more than 15 - to 24-year-olds. In addition, in European and American countries, immigration has become an important measure to actively deal with the aging population. However, the frequent occurrence of religious and ethnic conflicts caused by this has increasingly prominent influence on political and social development.
  • Great and prosperous China

    We are China and China is us. We bravely assume their mission, I wish the motherland more beautiful!China is a world famous can affect the history, each page has the strongest voice of The Times.The country is strong and the people are strong, the country is rich and the people are rich, and the country is prosperous and the nation is prosperous.
  • COVID-19 situation in Dongguan on March 20, 2022

    From 00:00 to 20:00 on March 20, a new local confirmed case was reported in Dongkeng Town. Four asymptomatic local cases were reported, including two in Changping Town, one in Dalang Town and one in Humen Town (positive cases associated with people returning to Dongguan from outside The province). All of them have been sent to designated hospitals for isolation and treatment. All the five positive cases were found in centralized isolation, and environmental nucleic acid sampling and terminal disinfection were conducted at the activity sites involved.